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As you can already see, we are totally crazy about Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. But what makes a difference between an average player and a true fan? We think that it’s all about game-related attributes! If you want to have something that would always remind you of your favorite game and the best moments you had while playing, some merch will be very helpful! On our website, you can get tons of exclusive souvenirs related to Minecraft Dungeons. If you have friends who love this game, they will be happy if they get a T-shirt or a cup with their favorite monsters and characters. 

You can choose one of our Minecraft Dungeons fan packs:

  • Basic Pack – $29.99
    Minecraft Dungeons Favorite
    • Minecraft Dungeons pin 
    • Minecraft Dungeons lunchbox
    • Minecraft Dungeons cup
    • Minecraft Dungeons phone case (any model)
  • Standard Pack – $99.99
    ​Minecraft Dungeons Fans
    • Minecraft Dungeons T-Shirt
    • Minecraft Dungeons backpack
    • Minecraft Dungeons hoodie
    • Minecraft Dungeons iPad case (any model)
  • Premium Pack – $149.99
    Minecraft Dungeons Addicts
    • All items from Basic and Standard packs
    • Any custom design

Ready to make an order? Contact us for details. If you don’t want to purchase one of the fan packs, you can order a single item or ask us to gather particular items from several packs. And you’re welcome to share your creative ideas with us. We’ll do our best to implement them! 


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